Monday, January 25, 2010

X Blade Numero De Serial Is It Worth It To Play World Of Warcraft Using An X-Box Controller Via Switch Blade Program?

Is it worth it to play World of Warcraft using an X-Box controller via Switch Blade program? - x blade numero de serial

I've always been a console, but World of Warcraft is the new thing for me. I wonder if it better or easier to use a 360 controller or just a terrible escalation design trackball.


Dustin M said...

In WoW, a driver is not enough buttons to control your character. There are many spells and abilities that you work on level 80, and the driver is not good.

Chazy K said...

I want to keep using the keyboard, although it is difficult to begin with u the result can be easily

WoW has taken action bars, press U to select the number of ability, but there are many skills and a controller has very few keys

WoW has focus, you must click on a variety of recipients, or TAB, u wouldnt be able to do with a controller to destroy PvE and PvP

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