Friday, January 22, 2010

Transparencies For Inkjet Printers I Have A Presentation On Overhead Projector. How Do I Print The Transparencies?

I have a presentation on overhead projector. How do I print the transparencies? - transparencies for inkjet printers

Is it better to the Word document or artwork. And the ink dries on the transparency or moist
when I use a laser or inkjet printer


smedrik said...

You can buy films and ink-jet and laser printers.

The ink is dry on them. However, if the inkjet print Make sure slides inkjet, laser or laser film.

curmudge... said...

There are white transparent to your computer printer.

magilla_... said...

You can do both.

Laser becomes clearer if.

Remember to change the document in the "transparency" before printing.

All the best.


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