Monday, January 11, 2010

Thank Examples On Wedding Programs How Are Electromagnets Diffferent From Magnets Please Use Examples Thank You. 10 Points For Best Answer!!!!!!!

How are electromagnets diffferent from magnets please use examples thank you. 10 points for best answer!!!!!!! - thank examples on wedding programs

How electromagnets are different from ordinary magnets


SnackMan... said...

rocks = magnet, the magnetic properties have their own
Electromagnets = metal was commissioned by the electrons of electricity to produce a strong effect magnet

Robert S said...

The electromagnets are coils of wire around a core weight of iron or steel.
Only magnetism, and also a DC.
Considering that permanent magnets are magnetized the whole time.

Ego said...

An electromagnet is usually wrapped in a coil wire around a core. It is a law of physics, which indicate that the magnetic field perpendicular to electric fields. Sun produces electricity flowing through the coil of wire, a magnetic field around the metal core. This is an electromagnet. Deactivation of electricity would also turn off the magnet.

The huge magnets are sometimes used in scrap yards in the collection tanks of cars. Change the magnets. Search in the car. Move it anywhere. Change the magnet would leave the car in the pile.

A magnet is a common metal, especially iron, the atoms are aligned, ie the view of the positive and negative aspects on the other side. Regular are permanent magnets. Any natural or manufactured, but do not have electricity for their operation.

Magnets can be used regularly to keep their doors to cabinets. There is a tab of metal on the door and the magnet attached to the box. The door slammed shut, because close the magnetic force.
\\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ U0026lt;br> What's really interesting how magnets interact with electric fields:

Moving to a fourth magnet through a coil of wire induces in the wire. That is, as a dynamo. Attach the magnet with a water wheel of a dam or windmill and a large supply of electricity to move.

Now, change the relationship a little. Place a wire coil around a magnet for real estate, add a spool of paper cone, then send current through the coil. The current in the coil moves the magnet that moves the cone of paper. They have a speakerphone!

Now make the device smaller. Speak into the paper cone, her voice, vibrate, which moves around the magnetic coil. This leads to electric current in the wire. You have a microphone.

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