Friday, January 8, 2010

Red Wine Stomach Sensitivity Red Wine For Sensitive Stomach?

Red wine for sensitive stomach? - red wine stomach sensitivity

For years my friend to love Merlot and other red and has an allergy or sensitivity to "a thing" in the wine, the terrible abdominal pain developed. You know what ingredients to avoid? Or process? Or grapes? We would be glad to share a little wine without worry. Thank you.


Dr_Adven... said...

Have you tried to add an organic wine business, nothing. DA

thepolis... said...

Without testing, it is very difficult to pin number. It could be anything from a wooden barrel or in stainless steel for fermentation, an allergy from cork! Heartburn is an important cause. Any problem with the whites? Cold in the grape skins ????? We can develop new allergies as they age.

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