Saturday, January 23, 2010

Best Value Av Receiver 2009 Question About Onkyo TX - SR606 ( 7.1 AV Receiver)?

Question about Onkyo TX - SR606 ( 7.1 AV Receiver)? - best value av receiver 2009

I'm ready, a SR606 Onkyo 7.1-channel AV receiver to buy. It seems an excellent value, since, for the decoding of the Board for almost all HD audio formats and it also has connections with HDMI 1080i Upscaling 4HDMI all for just $ 399 at the Circuit City ($ 600MSRP). The 1080i upscaling is good for me because my TV only goes up to 1080i. But I've heard that is not upward-moving very well and can cause the image jagged and experience a loss of resolution. I just wanted to know if there is a serious problem or just a minor nit sorry for demanding videophiles. It does not matter if the picture is impressive droppingly beautiful or whatever, but I want the picture as good or better than if the component look directly into the TV. The receiver has "Faroudija DCDi Edge Technology, which will contribute to an optimal image quality upscaling ... so I do not know.

I think I wonder this receiver is worth the money?


MATTHEW B said...

This receptor is a great value and has a built-in scaler Faroudija (a few years ago,) the expense of thousands of separate table. You can turn the climber or climbers can be disabled if the connected TV is better than the receiver. (Although doubtful).

This is the same in the two climbers from my Onkyo 805 and my Denon 3808 () yes videophile Clock and although I do not use on my Onkyo Zoom (older Pioneer RPTV w / no HDMI) is that my Denon is connected to my plasma TV and I and what really makes the picture sharper and clearer (although HD content seemed acute)

Onkyo makes good products, and this question months exc 606 magazine gave the critically acclaimed, but with five speakers to reach 81.2 watts per speaker at 0.1% distortion (which is very good for receiving a budget) and came to 73, 2 W at 0.1 strain with seven connected speakers. not hear (not less than 1% distortion)

The picture quality is fine with this receiver with the climber, and as otherwise specified, you can always disable them. YouLL Faroudja DCDi Can.

Another thing to achieve high image quality, to ensure that your TV and receiver and other devices related clean exc Booster "dirty electricity", because believe me, that can affect image quality and sound. do not get the highest price of the Monster brand, a Tripplite Isobar 60.00 OfficeMax or Office Depot and labor costs 500.00 brand monsters and clean image.

BANG P said...

If the configuration and the connections are correct, you get what you want.

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