Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Year Family Holidays Is It Weird If I Spend New Year's With My Boyfriend's Family?

Is it weird if I spend New Year's with my boyfriend's family? - new year family holidays

They will spend Christmas with my family, but I'll be back for the new year. He invited me to a family celebration, but I'm not sure if I should go. Not appear strange to spend the holiday with my family, BF.


Anonymous said...

I am with my boyfriend because he Christmas with my family. We started last year, and honestly, when it's time for dinner on the eve of the year I was soo weird! I felt really bad, not with my family and I am not alone. It is strange, but it can happen if you used to be a thing to do for his whole life. But I suspect he means the same thing at Christmas, the sacrifice is worth it.

Anonymous said...

no i dont think its weird at all. I think if u time with the family of her friend, who know better in May yu thats a good thing.

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