Saturday, January 16, 2010

Boat Fishing Magazine Does Anyone Know A Magazine For Teenagers In High School. (Unisex, Teen Celebs, Gossip)?

Does anyone know a Magazine for Teenagers in High School. (Unisex, Teen Celebs, Gossip)? - boat fishing magazine

Is there a magazine for girls and boys, it is for young people in school. Buy International (J-14, Bop, Twist, M, etc..), But are for girls. People say, 'Go buy Playboy "But I do not want naked women .. Then they say, buy a boat, car, fishing magazine, but I'm in them! (Or the other PS2 XBOX). I want one with people like Miley Cyrus, Zac Efron, Aly and AJ, Disney, people from Nickelodeon, etc. I do not care if it is international. But I would be from Australia, Thank you dear. = D


lauren d said...

The best book for young people

Men's Health
Sports Illustrated
O, The Oprah Magazine
Cooking Light
Women's Health
Southern Living

The link below is to elect more. Includes reviews for you, choose your favorites.


cloverye... said...

UR talking about the right school? because not many of us still read Ike Disney and Nickelodeon seventeen, cosmopolitan

andrea s said...

People Magazine

daydays1... said...

Rolling Stone, Blender and Entertainment Weekly.

Southern At Heart said...

Seventeen people, us, m, the balance of payments, drum roll please, my Tiger Beat Fave

Gitthmonster ♥ said...

17, pop star

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