Thursday, January 21, 2010

Salomon Maori What Size Should I Get For My Salomon Snow Boots?

What size should i get for my salomon snow boots? - salomon maori

I bought a new board and bindings and I think the snow-shoes to buy Salomon Maori. In a size 12.5 to 13 in normal shoes. How big is ahould i get to sit with these snowboard boots comfortable?


djstealt... said...

Dude I'm with Josh on it, usually in snowboard boots to the same size as the lounge or buy smller little. There are still some differences with the producers. However, you should always try to buy boots whaterevr first. Mainly because you find the right person for you in this way. They will wear these boots all day. And links are being made to put pressure on their feet when walking, if you want boots that are comfortable. Otherwise, it can be very painful, especially if they just break in.

But if you have a specific model before attempting to go ahead and buy. Many people go from shop to shop trying to buy shoes and then as online.

jkyongi said...

Robert E. Lee wore size 4 1 / 2 shoes.

Josh said...

You need to prove the contrary. There is usually a size smaller than your shoe size.

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