Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pics Of Small Viginas How Do You Put The Small Pics At The Top Of Ur Profile On Myspace?

How do you put the small pics at the top of ur profile on Myspace? - pics of small viginas

Profile 2.0
I come from. In the table the name of the Uruguay Round and the State and shit last accessed the top ... Mini can put photos in a series ..
How exactly do u do that?
I have found in the profiles of many, and I like to view.
Thank you.


Jessica said...

Go to edit then go to basic information and if you scroll down there is a picture of your offense and three white boxes in each field "change photo" just changed the picture and save:)

Kimberly... said...

I think it is about how to download or a sequence of images on the homepage, I forget.

super_le... said...

Take a look at a MySpace tutorial
Here you happiness

LOST is ahmazing said...


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