Saturday, February 6, 2010

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I have my picture in 's newspaper and saw the competition has to be sold into a "book". Those who know they do not always say that my picture will be in a book that says you can win $ 10,000 and the fine print says that the terms and agreements ... Basically you can not do anything offensive ... is a scam? Does anyone know about this site? And it's my photo of your property now? He says in small print. I wonder because I was never told I won something and saw nothing online that says "Buy this book with a picture on this issue" and the Book 6 Bux. I do not understand this web page someone help? "Is it reliable?


Akhilesh said...

It is a scam! Do not fall on them.

You still receive e-mail and mail from them. Whenever I ask a little money. Also, that you have won "Editors Choice" or something like that, but here you have to pay to receive your award.

Not for the book "endless journey" Coz that was never released and never charged. Some people pay for the book and never received. You do not have the book in bookstores coz it was never published.

You can read more about the website here at McAfee: ...

I would say that not only pay for! Nothing! If you something for nothing, is good. But what is the point of winning a prize and pay?

But I've won! And I pay nothing. I 2 Price is. This is what I have: ...

But still, I think, rather than punishment. Just try to make money.

You can try to send your work

captsnuf said...

sounds like a scam to me ...

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