Monday, February 8, 2010

Im A Mad Dog Biting Myself For Sympathy Erdrich Why Im Getting A Notification That System Could Not Run Winwlw32.rom ,the Specified Module Could Not Be Found?

Why im getting a notification that system could not run winwlw32.rom ,the specified module could not be found? - im a mad dog biting myself for sympathy erdrich

When I boot my system, I get a dialog saying the same thing for the last 7 days. I installed the crack version of Adobe Photoshop. Is it because of that. but I uninstalled and the problem persists. Is this a virus?

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Anonymous said...

I have never seen this message for the file type. "Roma" My concern is, however, there could not find the system that can not be a problem. The file winwlw32.dll, but was associated with malicious software, so that the cracked version can be given more than I had expected. That is the danger of using cracked software.

You can have on the safe annoying message like this:

1. Click Start-> Run menu.
Run 2.In the text box, type msconfig and press Enter.
3.In Msconfig, click on the tab "Startup".
4.The if an entry for the file name. If so, uncheck the box next to your name. Note: Windows Vista does not have a column that called the entire command with the program can display. To view, click View-> Select Columns and tick the box on the command line, click OK.
5. Click OK.
6.Accept the possibility of the system restart.

Fortunately, the message is not on the next reboot. But you, you receive a message about the settings have changed. In fact,When you click OK, you receive this message after every reboot, however, if the check box before you click OK, not the message back, unless you use msconfig to change to another.

Note that, if necessary, we can undo this change, as well: The entries are not deleted but only deactivated.

Good luck.

PS: If you can not find the file name in msconfig, you can still find malware on your computer that you are indirectly for this file.

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