Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can I Buy A House With A Deed In Lieu 2010 Will Deed In Lieu Affect My Other Loans?

Will Deed in Lieu affect my other loans? - can i buy a house with a deed in lieu 2010

OK, I can not be the only ... I had to move to another state for work. Bought a new house, set to sell the old one. A year later, I still have to pay for two houses. Need to get rid of the old house, so that I do as an act in their stead. New home is determined by the same lender, may relate to the new home loan in case of default on loans old house? In addition, someone with experience if corporate credit cards increasing their rates when they see the deafult home loan your credit report? I live in Wyoming, anyone know if this with the lender, which prevents arrive according to a study of the gap (if they sell the old house for less than I do) in adavnce Thanks!


es said...

You should consult an attorney in the state of the old loan is usually a measure in place to "limit" property is guaranteed - Read your mortgage documents, for there lies the answer. You can have different tax consequences if the property under a short sale. You really need a lawyer, real estate and short sale / foreclosure, etc. .. Rules to see white / in the state of the house is in the details that are specific to your situation. It is also necessary to read all the mortgages. Nobody in this forum knows what he had signed, no one can respond intelligently and documents specifically.Read.

The cost of credit does not change if you pay your bills on time.

Your balance will be affected if the hand around the house and try to apply itThe spirit of a new loan.

Have you tried to rent the property? Good luck to you.

LEXI's said...

It appears that your waste in deep! Need help fast! I know someone who performs his work, it has lost because their claims, the same type of situation, you have your options before making a decision hastily, which can ruin your credit already ...

Dale H said...

I think the chances are by the procedure of the impairment (if any) are excellent. Mainly because the lender knows exactly where to be found.

I can not speak for company credit cards and what they could do, but I think if they are current with them, you can not do anything negative for you.

You should consult an attorney before doing anything.

Is it possible to rent the house instead of back to the bank? You may not want to be owners, but under the circumstances, it seems like a better alternative, but rather than writing.

The following link has lots of good info on seizures in Wyoming. ...

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