Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Nail Polish Poems Poem Please Help!!!!! ITS FOR TOMMOROW?

Poem please help!!!!! ITS FOR TOMMOROW? - nail polish poems

I need a poem for nail polish tomommorwo August !!!!!!!!! skul is what we have:
I like my nail varnish
There are so many colors that are so colrful
is so wonderful
That's it! Between the lines should be 20 lines or more and 5 words per line, please help!

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Vickie said...

I went shopping for nail polish
On a hot day in September with my friends.
Fill in all the colors of the lines
reminded me of the election.
Bright orange, green, pink and blue
soon attracted all eyes.
Deep, dark red and dull
reminded me of women in the economy.
The corners of her eyes
immediately saw
more girly, bright nail polish section.
Oh, how great it made me
Buy all want.
Diligently sorted by everyone.
I stood there and tried to debate
in which I loved.
After an hour of our basket of nail polish,
Finally, I decided my color and shade.
We are proud to chose the bright, shiny pink.
And I was when we went home.

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