Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Tell The Difference Between Titanium How To Tell The Differences In Metals?

How to tell the differences in metals? - how to tell the difference between titanium

Ok, I think, to begin collecting the waste (and recycling on a large scale), then most people and I want to know how to distinguish between metals for a few moments, the differences between steel and titanium or nickel-spot and aluminum. I wonder how, how to distinguish them (you can make much more money if you), ten points best answer.


millenia... said...

only of carbon (carbon steel) is magnetic. Stainless steel is a carbon steel sold Highres much more slowly is not magnetic. extremely strong, lightweight, lightweight, aluminum-titanium and malleable (can be easily undermined)

cling to what we have now, the prices are too low to be worth the trip. You can also collect, radiators, electric motors, heating elements in toasters and dryers, old copper in flea markets ... Time you have the hang of it. Also do not go to a source of people around the people of different payments, call ahead first.

Nateface said...

Tips: The iron and magnetic steel. Aluminum is not. Keep aroudn a small magnet with you.

Aluminum is also retardedly light compared to others. I have no idea, easy-to-Ni or Ti ... It was not strange electrochemical properties, such as turning black when he is injected with a solution of Zn ... But do most of the metals, so idk.

spunk113 said...

Although all metals are silver-colored, subtle differences. For example, aluminum is usually a little lighter than nickel. The weight is also true - Steel is the heaviest of all. This is one of those things when you click on many types of metal-look, you can make a difference, using only.

W. K. P said...

Measured by the use of the word "OK" sometimes "," How would you know how to say ......." not yet have the ability to focus on your process.
Metals are mentioned, are recognizable by abrasion, weight, chemical reaction, and sound different. They have a long way to go before he lacks the experience to be able to different types of scrap to identify value. I wish him all the best.

cryptoti... said...

Every metal has its own characteristics. If I were you, I would collect through a Google search on any type of metal you want to start. They should be a very good description of what you are looking for.

All metal parts is usually too large to post here. Start with some metals, which you learn and work from there.

scsriver said...

Git steel magnet sticks to it.
Aluminum, copper, nickle.titanium not.
It is difficult to know the differences between them.
But Copper red, gray is the color of steel, titanium, aluminum, nickel and
is silver. I jump that helps

Super F1 Man said...

Steel is strong, but rust is always a hell of a lot harder Thant titanium, titanium is strong, but not deform as easily as aluminum. There really is not much to see, from a pilot phase.

"Conquis... said...

Dip the metal in solution of 40% of pepper, 60% water, if you leave the yellow ribbon is Niclas alloy.
PS Millenia469 ... Do not laugh at me because he did not even Halloween.

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