Friday, February 5, 2010

Megavideo Slow Fullscreen Is It Possible To Watch Fullscreen Videos (from Veoh,Ineem, Megavideo, Etc.) Without It Skipping/slowing Up?

Is it possible to watch Fullscreen Videos (from Veoh,Ineem, megavideo, etc.) without it skipping/slowing up? - megavideo slow fullscreen

Hi, I like watching videos online, I have a HD screen and looks pretty good, but when I see it in full-screen video tends to be a little bit, and directly reduce the frame rate slow.

Sorry, I do not know the right questions, but there are ways that you can download and edit all the settings so that I can from these pages to see videos in full screen mode perfect?

Thank you in advance:)


Koos N said...

I'm trying to do with Gomplayer.
go to Settings - Other - select all
File Types - Codec ...

Full screen appears, press Enter

wisemom7... said...

It is a common problem, so do not worry! This usually works to solve the problem is: Find your movies on the web sites of alternative routes available to see the film. Select the number of links to the bill, instead of trying to see the film clip in its entirety. This will speed up the game time and reduce the separation zones, for example, often are the films "Watch Part 1" or "Watch Part 2" links. Each clip is approximately 20-40 minutes duration, and so does not bother me having to click multiple links to a movie to end. The quality and speed for a few extra clicks!
Also, try Google Reader is important in the speed of clips in full screen mode. Enjoy!

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