Thursday, December 24, 2009

Weatherproof Decking Help!!! I Have A Nest Freshly Build, Under My Deck. I Hate To Touch It Really But Is On Top Of My Jacuzzi .?

Help!!! i have a nest freshly build, under my deck. i hate to touch it really but is on top of my Jacuzzi .? - weatherproof decking

The nest is empty, and I want to keep it under the bridge for the welfare of the working mother bird and her chicks future, but in my hot tub I can not, so I think moving 3 meters, the same size. The new Board under the bridge is not the same support as in the nest is when I walk through a big hole and make this work? I think I should be forest waterproof housing? I need to know what it is before birth, any proposal to help!

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