Friday, December 11, 2009

Quo Cosmetic Prices Are Quo Cosmetics A Good Brand?

Are Quo Cosmetics a good brand? - quo cosmetic prices

Recently, I found the buyer Drugmart Cosmetics quo, and I wonder whether a good brand. Speifically the lotion, eye shadow, eyeliner and brushes? Thank you!

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ashley said...

I've never used brushes for 3-4 years. Their brushes are too. I would not buy again though. Blush brush irritates the skin now for some reason.

If you want something relatively inexpensive brushes, I suggest looking ecoTool brushes (they have some very good reviews online if you want to check, but you must first make an account, but it is free anyway) or maybe Annabelle . I have never used, but I have from people who are very comfortable, two marks in the form of brushes is one (really love Annabelle, other than products of the face. This is not me!)

I have not tried their cosmetics, but I suggest you may have a few samples if you can. I do not know whether to give samples of the mark or not. Even if they do not, you can go back, the things so easily Shoppers Drug Mart. I will even see a book, passed away after my 30 days, also used. Based on the tester, however, and then test it in your hand and see if they are good. If they buy an item. If it sucks it back.

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