Saturday, December 12, 2009

P90x Videos Would The P90X Videos Be Good For Me?

Would the P90X videos be good for me? - p90x videos

I am a girl of 16 m Toronto. '5 '10 And 148 pounds. I am a competitive tennis player and I look forward for a good workout. I have an ad-P90X main stage and it appears that intense exercise, what you need. My main goal is to improve losing a small amount of weight to gain muscle and endurance. Is this a good investment and the idea?


nexion_t... said...

and the program I can assure you that this greatly increases their resistance plyometrics video! P90X is where you can manage it, if and commit (people who are really hard, but you get the changes to all the movements can be facilitated by a particular movement), it is difficult for you.

I recommend it!

Stephen A said...

at 5'10 148 for seem healthy, but it works, I mean children are in the NFL P90X.

P90X I spent 6 months, worked well. I'm in better shape than ever before, and I played sports in school and several years of higher education and even after.

But here's my experience with him ...

as an athlete is probably more or less an idea of what kind of shape you probably use need.So what the weight, etc. ..

Confused... said...


P90X is an excellent program, but the goals in your fitness can. If you look, improve their strength, especially in a drive to competitive tennis, I would say madness with Shaun T.

This is a 60-day program that requires no equipment. If you have any questions, please let me know

lexicars... said...

try to do 15 push-ups without a break wilt, then 15 pushups and then back to new business and 20-again-pull-ups for 20 hours and 1 minute rest and repeat twice more to go.

Lina said...

I really think you need to lose weight, all, but I recommend if you want a good workout:)

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