Thursday, December 17, 2009

Index Of Videos Beauty Beauty And The Beast Audition Help? Song Ideas?

Beauty and the Beast audition help? song ideas? - index of videos beauty

He is a junior version of the community theater.

I DO NOT WANT to do a song from the series, and I have a strong voice, head and waist. break a rule for singing too, so I need something that "WOW" in the first few seconds.
Hearings are very informal and friendly and does not require a musical theater song, and even on stage before an audience.

I wish I was beautiful, and it is the kind of sound that I want to go: ...
but perhaps a little higher and softer than my voice is naturally like =]

If you see do not see on the video, Susan Egan, sang the role of Belle, she is the original Belle in Broadway.

I asked myself:
1) The Prayer
2) I Can not Help Falling in Love With You (from the musical All Shook Up)

listen to all advice to others (for example, attract what they, etc.) are also welcome!
Thank you.

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