Thursday, December 31, 2009

Canoeing In Norfolk How Would I Go About Canoeing From Manchester To Hertfordshire Using Canals?

How would i go about canoeing from Manchester to Hertfordshire using canals? - canoeing in norfolk

I have two boats, and everything goes as planned this summer, 4 of us in Manchester Canoe Herts. He is physically able to do so, with the channels. But we ask ourselves, what laws or licenses that we hold?
Of course there is much planning, but I wonder whether anyone explain the details, might like.
say that the water that we need licensing? we are not even allowed to do?


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awaywa said...

Here are some links that should help: - List of the UK canals and rivers. ... - Information on the licensing of boats on the canals managed by British Waterways. - Rivers Access Campaign, with information on the state of access in England and Wales. - OSU, with links to local clubs and other information.

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